About Us

University of Lagos Holding Company Limited (UniHOLD) is the holding company for some the income generating
units of the University. The Council of the University mandated UniHOLD to reposition, restructure, manage and
coordinate these units for profitability and enhanced corporate performance. UniHOLD was incorporated as a private
limited liability company on 18th day of September 2012. Our focus is to deploy private sector orientation and drive
into the operation of the inherited businesses to achieve enhanced performance, accountability and phenomenal
The subsidiary companies under the management of UniHOLD are as follows:
▪ University of Lagos Guest Houses and Conference Centre Limited: – The daily administration of the Guest
Houses and Conference Centre is under the leadership of the General Manager supported by professionals in the
hospitality industry. The Unilag Guest Houses offers conference halls, seminar rooms, guest rooms, sales of food
and beverages, and outdoor catering amongst other specialised hospitality services.
▪ University of Lagos Press and Bookshop Limited (Press Division):- The Press is being positioned to operate in
the models of some of the big printing presses established by the Universities around the world. The General
Manager has the responsibility for planning and general control of the business, and he is assisted by seasoned
professionals, operators, editors and others.
▪ University of Lagos Press and Bookshop Limited (Bookshop Division):- The Bookshop stocks for sale textbooks
on different subjects, library books, reference materials, study aids, general books produced by local and
international authors. It also deals in the sale of stationeries and office items. The Bookshop Manager oversees the
its operations and drives its general goals and objectives.
▪ Unilag Ventures Company Limited: – Unilag Ventures’ core business operation is production of water i.e. sachet water and bottled water in 50cl and 75 cl bottles. It was set up in 1995 to produce and sell best quality water
packages in bottle and sachet for drinking and other safe use in the University. Since inception to date, Unilag water
has leveraged on the opportunities that abound within and outside the University. The General Manager oversees
the operations and productivity of the company.
▪ University of Lagos Pharmaceuticals Limited: – The Unilag Pharmaceuticals has been repositioned for better
service delivery to the University community and in earnest drives sensitization initiatives on health issues, availability
of prescription and general drugs, etc. Unilag Pharmaceuticals’ goal is to venture into wholesale drug distribution.
The Managing Director who is a seasoned pharmacist is responsible for the daily operations of the business. It is located along the road adjacent Eni Njoku Hall before the Centre for Information Technology Studies (CITS) within
the University at Akoka Yaba, Lagos.

Our Management Team

Our Management team comprises of seasoned professionals with years of industry experience, they drive the overall
Vision of the Companies and are mentioned below;-
• Mr Ekpenyong Duke – Group Managing Director
• Doctor Mrs. Evelyn Brambifa (Pharm)- Managing Director, Unilag Pharmaceuticals Ltd
• Mr. Efosa Osarumwense- General Manager, Unilag Press Ltd
• Mr. Albert Ibharebhor- General Manager, Unilag Guesthouses and Conference Centre Ltd
• Mr. Ibrahim Ajimotokan- General Manager, Unilag Ventures Ltd
• Mr. Ibrahim Moyosore- Manager, Unilag Bookshop Ltd
• Mr. Jonadab Ugwoaga- Group Finance Controller
• Mrs. Olusola Adeniran- Group Internal Auditor
• Mrs. Elizabeth Chile-Adenekan- Group Human Resource Officer
• Mrs. Chinonyelum Ibe-Ezekwesili- Group Legal Officer/ Company Secretary